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A Trusted Pain Management and Physiotherapy Clinic Since 2013


Alberta PT has provided Physiotherapy, Motor Vehicle Accidents (MVA) Therapy, and Acupuncture services in Southeast Calgary since 2013. We have helped hundreds of happy clients relieve their pain and get back to living their lives again.

Our claims are backed by a 5 star Google Review average which results from the quality care we give to each and every patient we help. Our experience and devotion are what sets us apart.

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If You Require Physiotherapy Care in Southeast Calgary Alberta, Consider Alberta PT!


Our clinics provide Physiotherapy, Massage therapy, Motor Vehicle Therapy, and Acupuncture near you in the Southeast Calgary, AB, local area.

From work related & sports injuries to everyday aches and pains, we are eager to assist you overcome any problems keeping you back from loving life. We offer convenient schedules and even provide extra resources to accommodate your requirements.

As your Southeast Calgary Physiotherapy, we have proudly served our region for over EIGHT years and it is due to this, we have established a successful history of performance, quality in client care, and exceptional results. Our multidisciplinary approach to treatments is one of the main reasons why we have high patient and physician referral rates.


Benefits of Alberta PT Physiotherapy

Our physiotherapy programs can be effective in treating a wide variety of painful conditions. It can also help with rehabilitation following an accident or surgery. It can improve function and mobility in people suffering from arthritis, muscle spasms, and other musculoskeletal disorders.

The treatments are non-invasive, which means they don't involve cutting into the body. They're usually done on an outpatient basis, meaning you can go home after the session.

A wide range of common conditions that a physiotherapy treatment program can help with include:

Joint issues
Helps prevent further damage to joints
Symptoms of pain
Slow Healing
Improves posture
Chronic injuries
Motor vehicle injuries
Scar tissue
Connective tissue problems
Mobility challenges
Digestive issues
Limited mobility
joint pain
Care for injury recovery
and other chronic conditions!


Physiotherapy Services We Offer Near You in Calgary SE

We use advanced treatment techniques and offer a variety of services at our Alberta PT location including:

Massage Therapy
Custom Orthotics
Traditional Chinese Medicine
Pelvic Health Therapy
Motor Vehicle Accident Therapy


Best Physiotherapy Treatment Clinic in Calgary SE

We offer high-quality Physiotherapy and Motor Vehicle Accident Therapy services near you throughout Calgary including:


Visit our office during business hours or call (403) 454-1331 for an appointment booking times.


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If you have questions about our physiotherapy services and treatment plan, do not hesitate to contact us. Book your appointment today to get the best advice on pain and exceptional care from our experienced physiotherapists.

We look forward to providing you with optimal care and getting you back to normal activities of life.


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