Acupuncture coverage differs with different locations whereas browsing the funding system can be overwhelming.

As a general regulation, Western Acupuncture is performed by Registered Physiotherapists or Chiropractors.

Conventional Acupuncture is provided by Acupuncturist or Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) professionals.

Payment Methods for Acupuncture

If you want to get acupuncture done, let our team assist you with the financing systems.

The majority of individuals are not aware of the benefit from their insurance plans and also other financing sources. Contact our teams so we can assist at

Below are the 3 most common ways of accessing acupuncture treatment.

1) Personal Insurance

Most of our patients are covered by a Group Insurance Account or a Health Spending Account through their company.

For individuals that have Group Insurance policy, the benefits for acupuncture varies from 100% insurance coverage, to partial insurance coverage including deductibles. When exploring your options, you will have to understand:

- Amount covered per session/visit.

- Percentage of the health session covered.

- Total Insurance Coverage per Year

If you have a health account with your employer then you will need to ask your employer your yearly threshold and also who to submit your receipts to. Many of these employers will certainly provide both the Group Insurance and the Wellness Spending Account to make sure that access to acupuncture is completely covered.

For individuals that have partners and both of them have insurance coverage, the process can be rather complicated and varies on a case-by-case basis. To maximize your access, you should talk to the clinic manager before your check out.

If acupuncture is administered by a registered physiotherapist (PT), you easily access funding for physical rehabilitation.

All AlbertaPT facilities give direct billing to insurance, if available.

2) Motor Vehicle Insurance Coverage

If you were injured in a motor vehicle accident, acupuncture carried out by a registered physiotherapist is fully covered by the Automobile legislation.

Accessing the funding system does require documentation to be completed by both the client and also the physiotherapist. If you are seen by a physio within 10 days of the car mishap, you can receive either the WAD 1 or WAD 2 in-protocol programs. For out-of-protocol programs of care, regulation requires exclusive insurance coverage be accessed initially, with the unsettled balance covered by the Automobile Insurance coverage.

The price charged per session will differ depending upon the level of treatment as well as the quantity of data collection needed. When in-protocol, you are covered for the Routine Go To Price. When out-of-protocol, you are covered by either the Comprehensive Session or Complex Visit Rate.

If you are seeing an accredited acupuncturist (RAc), the overall out-of-protocol fund is $250.00.

Navigating the Vehicle Accident Insurance coverage benefits and handling insurance adjusters can be a complex process. Let our Care Coordinator help you through this process.

3) Worker's Compensation Board

If you are injured at your working place, the Worker's Compensation Board covers the acupuncture session administered by a physiotherapist for 6 weeks with an optimum of 21 sessions.

If all the required documentation is ready, most intense injury insurance claims are approved. For chronic conditions, pre-approval of services are needed prior to treatment.

If you are seeing a registered acupuncturist (RAc), WCB covers a first assessment and also 7 treatments.

The mandate of WCB is to return to work as well as work out. Because of this, the WCB cost is for a Standard Session only. In particular cases where more than 2 areas are injured, WCB may allow a customized Comprehensive Visit. During a WCB visit, the physiotherapist is just to treat the locations acknowledged in the WCB insurance claim.

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