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Alberta PT has provided acupuncture services in Northwest Calgary since 2013. We have supported thousands of happy clients with over 200 Google Reviews and 5* ratings. This comes from our extensive experience and passion in attaining client results.

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Live in Northwest Calgary? Need Help Overcoming Pain?

Regardless if you are someone constantly on the go or a weekend warrior sports enthusiast, good health is important to getting things done. A healthy body is the structure to an active, happy, and satisfying way of life!It is essential to work with a professional to help when your body breaks down since we put our bodies through so much wear and tear each day. If you live in the Northwest Calgary , AB, location and are trying to find effective Acupuncture services, Alberta PT is here for you.As your injury professionals, we recognize that when a painful injury gets in the way of your daily life, you require somebody to assist get you back on track. Beyond acupuncture, we are proud to provide a wide array of supplemental therapies to help get you back on track:Acupuncture, Physiotherapy, Orthotics & Bracing, MVA, TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine).

Our Acupuncture therapy treats variety of disorders:

Relaxes muscles

Improves the function of your immune system

Improves the function of your endocrine system (helps balance hormones)

Increased mental clarity and overall mental wellbeing

Better sleep quality

Relief from chronic nausea

Breaks down scar tissue

Speed up recovery time after surgery

Increase the effectiveness of other physiotherapy treatments (e.g. massage therapy, chiropractor)

Neck pain

Back pain

Joint pains from arthritis conditions

Motor vehicle accident

Hip pain

Muscle injury

Hormone imbalance

Mild auto-immune diseases

Acute conditions

Poor blood circulation

Pain stress


Feel Better With Alberta PT Acupuncture Treatment

As your Acupuncture experts, we are fully staffed and geared up with all the required abilities, expertise, and resources required for optimum outcomes. Whether you are seeking to resolve chronic pain or deal with a persistent lingering injury, whether you are a weekend warrior or just busy on the go with daily activities, Alberta PT is more than thrilled to provide Acupuncture that matches your personal requirements and health objectives.
We have an excellent performance history of successfully administering acupuncture, as can be seen with our high Google reviews average.
Are you concerned about cost or scheduling time for Acupuncture?

That is not an issue either! We offer quite competitive rates and direct billing to your insurer where possible. We also use quite versatile scheduling to make getting your treatments easy and stress free.

The certified acupuncture professionals at Alberta PT offer high quality trustworthy acupuncture techniques that go beyond our client's expectations. Our friendly staff will help you determine precisely where your concern is, provide a comprehensive treatment plans to get you back on track, and an avoidance strategy to keep the pain relief. No matter the problem, our acupuncture session aims to provide optimal results with attention to information for every single patient.


Experienced Acupuncturist Calgary NW

If you are interested in finding out more about beginning your Acupuncture treatment, in Calgary NW, please feel free to call or email Alberta PT anytime, We have all the answers you require to make an informed decision.

We look forward to helping you feel your finest once again!


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