Which One Should You See for Your Pain Chiropractor or Physiotherapy

When you have pain, you want to find a solution. The problem is, you may not know which solution is best for you. You’re probably asking questions like: What is the difference between a physiotherapist and a chiropractor?  What is the difference between a massage therapist and a physiotherapist?  Is one better than the other? These are great questions! So, this article will help you understand how chiropractors and physiotherapists work, their benefits, and the right answer to your question.  So, let’s dive in!


What is the difference between Chiropractors and Physiotherapists?

Both physiotherapists and chiropractors are healthcare providers who help their patients deal with pain.  But they serve different roles.  Physiotherapists help people with pain caused by injuries, such as muscles and tendons that have been strained from lifting or from repetitive activity. They also treat common aches and pains, such as backache, arthritis, and knee pain. Chiropractors, on the other hand, use therapeutic techniques on the spine. They treat joints, muscles, and tendons as well, but they focus on the spine because it’s a nervous system. It controls all of your movement and is responsible for many diseases of the musculoskeletal system. Physiotherapy and chiropractic are complementary treatments. Patients may be treated with both physiotherapy and chiropractic services in order to provide the required relief


Chiropractors: Helping the spine

The goal of chiropractic treatment is to help your spine heal. Your spine is made of bones that hold up your vertebrae. Your nervous system travels through this spongy, soft tissue. When you have pain or other problems in the spine, your nervous system can misfire. This sends pain signals to your body. When you’re treated by a chiropractor, you’ll be examined and x-rayed. The chiropractor will then manually adjust your spine to help your nervous system heal. This is why chiropractors are often referred to as “adjusted physicians.” They help your nervous system get back to working the way it should.


Physiotherapists: Supporting muscles, joints, tendons and ligaments

Physiotherapists treat musculoskeletal issues, such as pain and stiffness in muscles, joints, tendons, and ligaments. They’ll recommend exercises and other therapeutic treatments to help these issues. On an examination table, a physiotherapist will take x-rays to determine the cause of your pain and issues. From there, they’ll use their skills to treat and strengthen muscles, joints, tendons, and ligaments. The physiotherapist may recommend ways to help you feel better, such as muscle and joint stretches, or therapeutic exercises to strengthen. This can help you return to work and daily activities more quickly.


Which One Should You See for Your Pain?

A physiotherapist can treat pain caused by injury and injuries, but they’re also trained to treat common aches and pains, such as back pain and knee pain.  Chiropractors focus on the spine and nervous system. They’re more likely to help you with pain caused by injury or arthritis. Therefore, it really depends on your pain. You should ask your doctor which specialist they recommend for your pain.


The Final Answer

The most important thing to remember is that chiropractors and physiotherapists are healthcare professionals who help with pain. They work together in many complementary ways. Thinking of booking an appointment. Don’t hesitate, give us a call today at Alberta PT and we can help you choose which treatment option/plan is the best for you.


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