Different Types of Physiotherapy

There are many different types of physiotherapy, and each is suitable to treat different injuries and conditions. With so many options available, it can be difficult to know which is the right one for you. Don’t worry we have got you covered. In this article, you’ll learn about the different types of physiotherapy, their benefits, risks, and times for when to choose each.


What is physiotherapy?

Physiotherapy is the treatment of injuries, pains, and other health conditions by a physiotherapist. Physiotherapy can be used to address a range of issues related to general health, including pain management, rehabilitation, and prevention of future injuries. 


How is physiotherapy different from physical therapy?

Physiotherapists are also physical therapists, but they typically treat health conditions without touching or moving the body. They work to improve function, prevent further injuries, and manage pain. Because physiotherapists do not use their hands, they are often the first point of contact for patients with a wide range of health conditions, including neurological disorders and orthopedic injuries.


Types of Physiotherapy


Myokine physiotherapy

Myokine physiotherapy aims to reduce the pain of long-term conditions and injuries by triggering a cascade of biological processes that reduce inflammation and increase tissue repair. It works by using protein-rich myokines to reduce pain and inflammation in the nervous system, gut, and immune system. Myokine physiotherapy is effective in treating conditions like rheumatoid arthritis, muscular dystrophy, and chronic pain.

Sports Physiotherapy

Sports physiotherapy is used to treat injuries sustained during sports activities, including activities like soccer, basketball, and golf. The goal of sports physiotherapy is to prevent further injury and to speed up recovery. It’s most commonly used for sprains, strains, and broken bones, but it can also be used to treat injuries like shoulder impingement and knee pain.

Activities of Daily Living (ADLs) Physiotherapy

ADL physiotherapy focuses on helping patients return to their activities as quickly as possible. It’s most commonly used for helping people with conditions like Parkinson’s disease and multiple sclerosis to perform daily activities like getting out of bed and walking. It may also be used for helping people with chronic pain or after surgery.

Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy

Musculoskeletal physiotherapy treats conditions like low back pain, neck pain, and joint pain. It also focuses on helping patients return to their activities as quickly as possible, like the joint replacement procedure. It may also be used for treating other conditions like fibromyalgia, osteoarthritis, and sprains and strains.

Pain Management Physiotherapy

Pain medicine physiotherapy is used to treat chronic pain that cannot be treated with other types of physiotherapy. It’s also used to manage the side effects of chronic pain. This type of physiotherapy is typically used by pain specialists.



Physiotherapy is a type of healthcare that helps people with injuries and other health conditions by mobilizing muscles, tendons, and joints to correct movement and correct movement deficiencies. There are many different types of physiotherapy; it’s important to find the one that’s right for you. At Alberta PT we can help you find out which type of physiotherapy is right for you and provide you with a treatment that is based on your needs. We can also offer personalized prevention plans to help stop future injuries from happening. Give us a call today!


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