how often should you have physiotherapy treatments

It’s a common question with no exact answer unfortunately.  Everyone is different, so the answer to this question will depend on your specific circumstances.  But in general, most people can expect to get physiotherapy treatment 2 to 3 days per week, over the course of 6 to 8 weeks.  Here are some guidelines to help you decide how often to have physiotherapy treatments.


Deciding When To Have Physiotherapy Treatments

Physiotherapy is something you can do at any time. There are no rules. If you have a condition that requires short-term or ongoing treatment, such as a long-term injury or condition that is chronic, then you should make a plan to have that treatment as needed. Your local physiotherapist will advise you on that, usually within the first visit (called an assessment).  However, you can also choose to have physiotherapy treatments when you want to improve your condition or performance, without a specific condition that needs treatment.  For example, you can choose to have physiotherapy treatments in preparation for a sport or exercise that you want to do, or that you want to add to your daily activities.


How Often Should You Have Physiotherapy Treatments?

Daily treatments are usually part of more intensive care than treatments that are spaced out more. The number of times per week you have physiotherapy treatments depends on your specific situation. For instance, if you have a condition that is chronic, such as arthritis, then you may want to have treatments several times per month to prevent your pain from worsening. But if your condition is more acute (recent) and you can manage with lower-intensity treatments, you may receive treatments multiple times per week. 


Is There An Alternative Treatment?

Some people have concerns about the frequency of physiotherapy treatments, or the time commitment that goes with them. When you have those concerns, and there’s no medical reason to not have treatments, you can consider alternative treatments. There are many types of alternative treatment. Some examples include: - Acupuncture - This can be used for pain, inflammation, and tension in the body. - Chiropractic - This can help with managing headaches and back pain, as well as improving your blood flow. - Massage - This can help with managing pain, relaxation, and stress. - Hydrotherapy - This can be used for managing various health conditions, such as low blood pressure, muscle spasms, and sore joints. - Nutrition - This can help with managing your weight, and promoting a healthy lifestyle.


Final Words

Physiotherapy treatments are an important part of managing your health. They can help you to stay active and pain-free, recover from injury, and prevent a return of symptoms in the future. There are various reasons for pain, and Alberta PT can help you find out the cause of your discomfort. We will also provide personalized prevention plans so that you don't suffer from future injuries. Give us a call today!


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