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Trusted by Calgary Residents Since 2013


Alberta PT has offered Acupuncture services in Southeast Calgary since 2013. We have supported 1000s of delighted patients with over 200+ combined Google Reviews and 5* ratings. This results from our experience and commitment in achieving client outcomes.


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Live in Southeast Calgary? Need Help Overcoming Pain?

Regardless if you are somebody constantly on the go or a weekend warrior, good health is vital to get things done. Essentially, a healthy body is the foundation to an active, happy, and pleasurable lifestyle! Since we put our bodies through a great deal of wear and tear every day, it is essential to hire a skilled professional who will provide you with an effective Acupuncture session for pain relief with natural healing. If you live in Southeast Calgary, AB and are searching for reliable Acupuncture services, Alberta PT is here for you!

As your pain experts, we understand that when an uncomfortable pain interrupts your everyday activities, you require a convenient source to help get you back on track. In combination of acupuncture, we are proud to provide a range of therapies that have positive effects that help you achieve your health goals.

Physiotherapy, Acupuncture, Orthotics & Bracing, Pelvic Health, MVA, TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine)


Benefits of Medical Acupuncture Alberta PT

Acupuncture can help with a wide range of common conditions and has many health benefits including but not limited to:

Relaxes muscle tension
Improves the function of your immune system
Improves the function of your endocrine system (helps balance hormones)
Increased mental clarity and overall mental wellbeing
Better sleep quality
Relief from chronic nausea
Breaks down scar tissue
Speed up recovery time after surgery
Increase the effectiveness of other physiotherapy treatments (e.g. massage therapy, chiropractor)
Neck pain
Back pain
Acute conditions
Joint pains from arthritis conditions
Motor vehicle accident
Hip pain
Muscle injury
Hormone imbalance
Mild autoimmune diseases
Poor blood circulation
Shoulder pain management
Leg pain
Foot pain
Musculoskeletal pain
Chronic conditions
Digestive disorders
Muscular pain
Arthritis pain
Blood pressure management
Anxiety management
Acute pain
Sports injuries
Impaired range of motion


Southeast Calgary Acupuncture Clinic

We understand how important it is for a clinic to have an adaptable schedule and competitive acupuncture rates. We will give you cost and dates in advance from day one, and we make it a top priority to stay on schedule. We will work with you in making therapy a worry-free and easy experience if you need appointment in your convenient hours.

We always aim to keep our patients happy and well informed throughout every stage of their Acupuncture treatments. You can trust us with your care while you concentrate on your everyday tasks and responsibilities.

Managing chronic pain and other health issues can be time consuming and exhausting. With Alberta PT, your time is never lost. You'll have one Acupuncture practitioner, rather than several various specialists to monitor. Together, we can create adjustable therapy appointments that avoid disruptions and inconvenience for you.

Do you live outside of Southeast Calgary? Alberta PT clients originate from all over Calgary locations, from Ranchlands, Royal Oak, and Varsity, and numerous locations in between. And if you are searching for services beyond Acupuncture, you wont need a separate clinic for each of your requirements. We provide various service types consisting of Physiotherapy, MVC Therapy, and Traditional Chinese Medicine all in one convenient location.

With a dedication for patient satisfaction, and a tested performance history of delighted clients, what do you have to lose? Together, we can develop an Acupuncture strategy that suits your exact requirements. Give us a call today.


Experienced Acupuncturist Calgary SE

The registered practitioners at Alberta PT deliver premium and trustworthy Acupuncture services that surpass our patient's expectations. Our healthcare team will help you determine precisely where your problem is, provide a effective treatment plan to get you back on track, discuss what acupuncture methods will be used, and an avoidance strategy for pain management.

No matter the issue, Alberta PT strives to deliver ideal outcomes and help you boost your energy levels again.

Give us a call today.

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