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As I sat at my desk and hung my head, I thought I just can’t do another thing or deal with anything else thrown my way.  I was so exhausted, couldn’t focus and things were getting more difficult to remember.

If only I could sleep! 

I was so tired and it was affecting my relationships at work and at home.  I was finding myself becoming increasingly impatient with people and just wanted to hide. 

Maybe a nap would help…but there were things that needed to be done and relationships to nurture and I no longer found enjoyment in life.

Why couldn’t I get the sleep I needed to be able to function and enjoy life? 

What was wrong with me?

I thought there must be something I could do to help me sleep better. 

Maybe a glass of wine? Or I could count sheep.  What about watching TV?  As I looked at the clock every half hour realized it just wasn’t happening. 

Then I heard about Sleep Studies and thought I’d check it out. 

I booked an appointment with a Sleep Physician and after taking a Sleep Disorders Questionnaire, discussed my issues and was given a sheet with strategies to follow.

My initial thought was this is too restrictive and not at all in alignment with my habits or what I was used to.  The first thing to go was the TV from my bedroom, I started to relax an hour before bed and made sure I didn’t drink coffee after lunch.  That’s usually what kept me going!  I realized I was sabotaging myself in any effort to fall asleep and stay asleep. 

It worked!

I gained an understanding about sleep, how to manage it and the relationship sleep has on my ability to concentrate, remember things and how it affects my overall health.

I’m happy to report that the quality of my life has immensely improved!

After following the recommendations for a couple of weeks I’ve gained a new lease on life.  I’m much happier and productive and my relationships have really improved.  I can focus at work and the little tasks no longer seem so difficult.  My family is glad to have me back as an active participant in their lives.

There is hope after all!    

No more counting sheep for me!

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